The Work Together Foundation

Since 2003, WT has been a foundation for the public interest, dedicated to alleviating social polarization and establishing a healthier society
through creation of quality jobs, as evidenced by our original mission statement: ‘Overcoming Unemployment’. This attention to job creation
has included outreach to various segments of society: the youth, women, the middle-aged, and especially towards supporting sustainability in
social enterprises which represent a new model of structure for creating decent jobs. In addition, we suggest potential ways to improve
the situations of unemployment and poverty through campaigns, research, and publications.

“A society that works together, opens up a future together”

  • mission
    Mission“Establishing a happy society while alleviating social polarization through quality jobs.”
    Jobs that respect the inherent dignity and value of people, bring them out of isolation and into harmony with society, and resolve polarization.
  • vision
    Vision 2025“An organization, unrivaled in reliability, and playing a leading role in resolving unemployment through independent action by civil society.”
    WT aims to be the organization most trusted by government, the civil and private sectors, and society as it plays a leading role in resolving unemployment through autonomous activities in civil society..
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