Here is a glance back at the history of the Work Together Foundation, which, since its inception in 1998, has tackled unemployment with innovative vision and hope.

2008 – Up to nowthe Work Together Foundation

2008 - Up to now

  • Yangcheon-gu District Small Manufacturers Cooperation Support Project launched (Korea Airports Corporation, Yangcheon-gu Office)
  • Korean Version of ‘Unemployed Society – The Future of Youth Unable to Find Work’ Published.
  • Presentation session for the ‘Items for Seniors Discovery Team Project’ to identify the needs of seniors and new employment models launched (Yuhan-Kimberly).
  • Inauguration ceremony for the Solidarity Benevolent Fund of Social Enterprises (Export-Import Bank of Korea, Korea Central Council of Social Enterprise).
  • Workshop for Support Organizations of ‘Light A Lamp’ launched.
  • Support Campaign for Independence of Unwed Mothers launched (Consortium).
  • 유Results report session for Business Vitalization Project for Small Enterprises launched (Yuhan-Kimberly)
  • Agreement with Hyosung for 2015 Go-With Multicultural Social Business Support Project.
  • 2015 Forum commemorating Cooperatives Week in Korea held (Co-organized).
  • ‘Social Economy Academy for the Disabled’ launched.
  • ‘Innovative & Growing Social Venture Acceleration Project’ launched (Export-Import Bank of Korea).
  • Global Social Enterprises Accelerating Project launched (KOICA).

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