STP Partners

  • Pasa Yard

    Pasa Yard

    • Nepal
    • social venture assistance
    • 2020   

    A social venture enterprise that operates venture start up and development program and mentoring program in Nepal, which wishes to grow into a start up HUB by establishing social networks

  • Wakami


    • Guatemala
    • handicrafts
    • 2015   2016   

    Providing accessory product making training and related jobs to mothers in 7 vulnerable areas in Guatemala. Distribution channel was enhanced to allow efficient operation of accessory production and sales while certification process was established to contribute to local income.

  • Timorgator Cookie

    Timorgator Cookie

    • Timor-Leste
    • F&B
    • 2015   2016   

    Starting a local business and connecting local residents with jobs by making and selling cookies in poor areas in East Timor. Providing nutrition training and supplying food for children in poverty in the region through returning profits

  • SapaO’Chau


    • Vietnam
    • F&B
    • 2013   2014   

    Connecting tourist guide jobs for poor young local people through operation of Vietnamese minority Sa Pa specialized tourism business and café & assisting Sapa O’Chau training center

  • Friends’N’Stuff


    • Cambodia
    • handicrafts
    • 2013   2014   

    Providing handcraft producing jobs to provide income for poor families in Cambodia and assisting children in poor families through connecting production sales routes

  • Hoshizora Tour & Travel

    Hoshizora Tour & Travel

    • Indonesia
    • Tourism
    • 2013   2014   

    Assisted establishment of ‘HoshiZora Foundation’s subsidiary, ‘HoshiZora Tour&Travel’, a nonprofit organization for children’s education in Jakarta, Indonesia, to develop and assist operation of sustainable tourism products and help with improving local children’s education and improving living standards.

  • Oasis Life Center

    Oasis Life Center

    • Philippines
    • agricultural/regional development
    • 2013   2014   

    Creating local jobs in rural Philippines areas by producing and selling goat milk while assisting operation of the Oasis of Life Center to improve quality of life (project completed)

  • Camp Sewing Center

    Camp Sewing Center

    • Philippines
    • handicrafts
    • 2011   2012   

    Established and assists operation of ‘Camp Sewing Center’ to train and produce handcraft products to relieve poverty for urban poor people in Manila, Philippines, and families who have been forced out of Towerville, Province of Bulacan.

  • Phoudindaeng Youth Center

    Phoudindaeng Youth Center

    • Laos
    • F&B
    • 2011   2012   

    Established and assists operation of Laos Phoudindaeng Youth Center’s ‘Café zoomsun’ to develop local youth leadership in rural Laos areas.

  • Lotus Hope Beaurty Center

    Lotus Hope Beaurty Center

    • Cambodia
    • vocational training
    • 2011   2012   

    Established and operates ‘Lotus Hope Beauty Center’ to help poor Cambodian adolescents become self-sufficient through beauty skill training and get job opportunities.