Areas of Focus

The protracted economic recession worldwide and uncertainty over economic prospects has us rethink about the problems of the economic system we face in the present day.

Work Together Foundation is a private public-service foundation with the mission of “creating a happy society through decent job and reducing social polarization.” To increase quality jobs, WT Foundation has been striving to provide multiple projects toward resolving unemployment in South Korea and worldwide by fostering sustainable job environments and expanding the social economy ecosystem.

We are #creating decent jobs through introducing and fostering sustainable job environments. For this, we are working with social enterprises and social ventures in #strengthening the social enterprise ecosystem. Also, we are #growing global impact with dedication to lessening social polarization and building a better society.

Creating Decent Jobs

We create sustainable employment models for vulnerable social groups through cooperation with the government, corporation, Non-Profit Organization (NPO), and social economy organization.

We create quality jobs for working poor, unemployed workers, people whose career is disrupted, multi-cultural families, etc.

  • Designing

    Customized job support to match suitable work for youths, middle-aged, senior citizens, and for other vulnerable social groups

  • Providing Social
    Service Jobs

    Occupational support in many quarters, supplying jobs in nursing, education, meal service, welfare, etc.

  • Developing

    Specialized job training to improve employment prospect

  • Regional
    Employment Growth

    Promote self-sufficient community, creating employment friendly region by supporting collaborations with SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises)

Strengthening the Social Enterprise Ecosystem

Social enterprises have become an alternative employment model, and to promote social enterprises, we provide comprehensive support: from discovering preliminary social enterprises to developing business models, and providing human resource training and management support. Also, we contribute to the creation of a social economy ecosystem led by the private sectors so that social enterprises can become competitive. And we undertake to revitalize the social economy by expanding access to finance.

  • Cultivating
    human resources

    Operate social entrepreneur academies, open forums, international training, and social venture contests

  • Supporting

    Provide social enterprise management consulting, mentoring services, securing domestic and foreign experts

  • Entering
    new market

    Find online and offline global market for Social Enterprises (Amazon, Alibaba, etc.)

  • Supporting finance
    and impact investing

    Provide business stabilization loan, mobilize community credit cooperative, and connect impact investors

Growing Global Impact

We are building a global social economy network in connection with the government, corporations, and civil society to propose and spread sustainable business models for solving common social issues around the world.

WT Foundation does more than provide community-based business support, fostering social economy ecosystems with resilience, and create decent community-based works while expanding social impact on a global scale.

  • Resolving global
    social issues

    Work to reduce poverty, unemployment, and ease social conflicts the world faces

  • Building
    a global network

    Make connections with SEWF, AVPN and others global social economy networks

  • Supporting Social

    Incubate and accelerate social enterprises in developing countries

  • Promoting Social

    Stimulating CSR/CSV activities in connection with corporate values