2008년에서 현재까지의 주요 활동 장면

  • 송월주

    SONG Wol-Joo
    Chairman of Good Hands /
    Former Director of General Affairs,
    Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
  • Executive Director
    LEE Sae-Joong
    Chairman of Korea Green Foundation
    / Former Director of the Community Chest of Korea



  • 김영배

    KIM Young-Vae
    Vice-chairman of the
    Korea Employers Federation
  • 김정숙

    KIM Jung-Sook
    President of the
    International Council
    of Women
  • 박인구

    PARK In-Gu
    Vice-president of
    Dongwon Corporation /
    President of the Korea
    Food Industry
  • 박재완

    BAHK Jae-Wan
    Chairman of the Hansun
    Foundation / Former Minister
    of Employment & Labor
  • 이우희

    LEE Woo-Hee
    Vice-president of
    S-Tec System
  • 정영무

    JUNG Young-Moo
    President of the Hankyoreh
  • 진동수

    JIN Dong-Soo
    Advisor for Kim & Chang
    law office
  • 최종태

    CHOI Jong-Tae
    Professor Emeritus of the

    Business School at Seoul

    National University, Former

    Chairman of the Economic &

    Social Development

    Commission of Korea


  • 오영

    OH Young
    Certified Public Accountant
    / President of Yeil
    Accounting Corporation
  • 최재황

    CHOI Jae-Hwang
    Certified labor consultant/
    CEO of Future Society
    Labor Consulting

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