Greetings from the Chairperson

Chairperson SONG Wol-Joo

The year 2015 was a transitional one for WT as we make plans for the future.
A new mission and vision were formulated and WT was reorganized for the betterment of society.
With “Establishing a happy society while alleviating social polarization through quality jobs”
as our new mission, WT is working towards creating a society where no one is left behind,
and harmony is promoted as we resolve employment polarization through creation of decent
jobs that respect the inherent dignity and value of people, and help people maintain
the ability to support themselves and their families.

WT is engaged in support programs for children, youths and the unemployed. Further,
WT has worked with local NGOs, enterprises, and local governments to establish
employment-friendly government policies, improve employment and welfare services for
the disadvantaged. In addition, stable jobs are created for middle-aged female heads
of households, support is offered to unemployed young people (both directly and
through establishment of a supportive infrastructure), and new value models are created
that take advantage of the experience and skills of the senior members of society.

Our foundation also stands for creation of steady employment for members of multicultural
families, the disabled, those in the lower income brackets, social service practitioners, micro enterprises, and North Korean defectors. In addition,
towards enhancing employment and a better standard of living, WT is pushing a variety of projects to build and grow a better environment for
the social economy.

WT works to support social enterprises and cooperatives, and focuses on strengthening international cooperation towards
making the social economy more sustainable. We also conduct research on employment and changes to the social economy as the basis for policy
proposals and strategies to solve problems. WT works to connect the efforts of society and its people and create practical alternatives towards
greater societal sustainability. The Work Together Foundation is dedicated to making the world a happier place.

SONG Wol-Joo

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