In 2015, WT engaged in diverse projects for the disadvantaged, such as creation of stable jobs for middle-aged female heads of households and support for unemployed young people (both directly and through establishment of a supportive infrastructure to reduce unemployment). It also worked to create a new model which values the experiences and skills of seniors to improve their employment situation, and create decent jobs for migrants who are members of multicultural families, the disabled, those in lower income brackets, social service practitioners, micro enterprises, and North Korean defectors.

  • Support Project for NEET Youth
    YouthSupport Project for NEET Youth
    Considering the lack of official statistics or clear
    countermeasures for NEET (Not in Education, Employment,
    or Training) youth while the level of awareness is growing,
    WT released a Korean translation of a book on NEET youth
    in Japan. WT is dedicated to promoting social bonds of
    sympathy, understanding and support for NEET youth, and
    ooperates to improve the support capabilities
    with domestic and oversea organizations.The book was published in Korea by WT in 2015, and
    is titled ‘Moo-up-Sa-Hwe (The No Work Society) –
    The Future of Youth Unable to Find Work’ co-authore
    by Kei Kudo and Ryosuke Nishida. In addition,
    WT participated in Nariyuki Festival, hosted by K2, an NGO
    engaged in youth support, from August 21 to 23 and
    exchanged ideas on support for NEET youth with NEET
    organizations based in Korea and in Japan.WT will continue identifying the major players supporting
    NEET youth, advancing networks for their development,
    and establishing a variety of support projects.
  • Senior Citizen Business Funds
    Senior CitizensSenior Citizen Business Funds
    WT provides backing for services provided by seniors and
    development of products offered by small enterprises with
    potential. Together with Yuhan-Kimberly Ltd., WT has
    created a ‘Senior Citizen Business Funds’ to create jobs
    for active seniors.In 2015, WT also ran the ‘Small Enterprise Activation Project’
    which provides support to promising enterprises
    in products for seniors, and the ‘Small Enterprise Business
    Model Enhancement Project’ which offers consultancy
    services to assist startups with products and service
    development for seniors. It also operates the ‘Items for
    Seniors Discovery Team Project’ to identify the needs of
    senior citizens or create new employment models for them.Between 2012 and 2015, WT highlighted and supported
    0 social enterprises or small businesses in creating 184 jobs
    and 89 products for seniors
  • Support for the Disadvantaged through Care Services
    Diverse underserved groupsSupport for the Disadvantaged through Care Services
    Together with the Korea Housing Finance Corporation,
    WT planned and operates a “Support for the
    Disadvantaged through Care Services Project” to create
    jobs and provide secure employment for
    the disadvantaged.By subsidizing allowances for long service, performance
    -related pay, and educational expenses to care service
    social enterprises for their employees, WT guarantees
    secure employment of caregivers, which results in quality
    care services. In 2015, WT contributed to job creation or job
    security for about 300 people.
  • Seeds of Hope for Social Enterprises
    Seeds of Hope for Social Enterprises
    WT ran the ‘Seeds of Hope for Social Enterprises’ with
    the Export-Import Bank of Korea to promote stability
    in employment and daily life for newly-recognized
    vulnerable members of society, including female
    migrant workers.Through this project, WT selected 11 enterprises and
    subsidized the costs for equipment and facilities or
    expenses for business operation, which is helpful to
    establishing enterprise independence.
  • 'Go-With' Multicultural Social Business Support Project
    ‘Go-With’ Multicultural Social Business Support Project
    WT conducted a ‘Go-With Multicultural Social Business
    Support Project’ with Hyosung to facilitate multicultural
    social enterprises achieving their sustainability
    as enterprises.It selected and offered funding and consultancy services to
    three organizations, which strengthened the enterprises’
    sustainability and provides secured employment to migrant
    emale workers who married Korean.
  • Social Economy Academy for the Disabled’ for Job Support
    Social Economy Academy for the Disabled’ for Job Support
    WT gave its support to education programs and workshops
    on job support for the disabled at the ‘Social Economy
    Academy for the Disabled’ which is operated by
    “Research Institute of the Differently Abled person Rights
    in Korea” to make it easier for them to learn and make use
    of cooperatives and the social economy and adapt their
    learning to promote employment and improve conditions
    for the disabled.
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