International Cooperation

WT works to deepen international exchanges and cooperation towards a more sustainable society, introducing cases of success from overseas as well as domestic social enterprise models to international society. Since 2011, WT has been involved in international cooperation development programs to fundamentally resolve unemployment and poverty in developing countries through social enterprises. Such international exchange activities and programs contribute to deepening global collaboration to making society better.

  • Smile Together Partnership
    Smile Together Partnership
    The Smile Together Partnership (STP), operated by WT, facilitates children living in poverty overseas to escape that poverty and live as healthy members of society. STP provides quality jobs to parents and educational opportunities to children through support for locally-led-and-based social enterprises. Funds (for up to 3 years) and networks for human and material resources are provided to selected partners. In 2015, WT supported 7 organizations, created 692 jobs, and provided safety nets for 3,639 family members supported with job creation. For 2016, Happy Farm, Igting Organic Farm, Wahahatripti, and Good Hands Nepal were selected as new partners in the Smile Together Partnership.

    Since launching STP in 2011, WT has backed up 16 organizations in 10 countries, employing 1,313 people, who in turn were able to support 5,500 dependents.

    ※ WT selects new partners every year and maintains business partnerships and provides resources even after funding support has ended.

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  • Global Social Enterprise Accelerating Project
    Global Social Enterprise Accelerating Project
    Instead of short-lived relief projects in developing countries, WT planned and engaged in the Global Social Enterprises Accelerating Project with KOICA (Korean International Cooperation Agency), which caters to the local aspects of social enterprises abroad aiming at creating enduring self-reliance and helping local residents change their own lives.

    Selected six enterprises in four countries (Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal) receive support for employment, vocational training, and startups. Local economies are vitalized through job creation and the granting of business opportunities to local residents.

  • Global Drive Project
    Global Drive Project
    We discovered more than 20 countries during 1 year visits(April, 2013 ~ March, 2014) started from Korea to Europe and South Africa. Therefore we analyzed current situation of social enterprise through establishing network with social enterprises over the world, and affiliated them to impact investing which can solve social & environmental problems while gaining investment profit.
  • International Exchange Activities_2016's photo updated
    International Exchange Activities
    WT hosted the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) for the first time in Asia in 2014, and participated in the 2015 SEWF held in Milan, Italy as part of the organizing committee. We presented achievements and shared our experience with hosting the previous Forum, and further developed our network with social enterprises overseas.

    In November, the Taiwan Union of Credit Cooperatives visited WT. WT introduced the current status of its social enterprises supports and sought ways for collaboration with the visiting group.

    Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit
    Social Enterprise World Forum

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