Policy Research

Since 2006, WT has been building forums for diverse research and sharing its research investigations, publishing professional literature, and hosting debates on employment and changes to the social economy environment through an attached institute of policy research.
WT strives to recommend practical policy measures towards job creation and vitalization of the social economy, as well as practical grounds for WT business policies.

  • Research Support Project

    Research Support Project

    In 2015, WT supported research focusing on social solidarity and job creation, titled ‘The History of the Social Economy in Korea’. Through this research, WT called upon diverse strata of society to cooperate and unite to resolve issues related to unemployment and suggested direction that Korea’s social economy can take to contribute to resolving social issues.

  • Senior Citizen Business Funds

    Policy Debate Forum

    In 2015, a forum commemorating Cooperatives Week in Korea was co-organized by cooperative associations and intermediaries to suggest policies and system amendments to develop cooperatives and contribute to social discourse.

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