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WT is engaged in relief activities in support of children, adolescents, and the unemployed. We also push for establishment of employment-friendly policies and improving employment conditions of the disadvantaged together with local NGOs, enterprises, and governments.


  • Light A Lamp
    Light A Lamp
    The Light A Lamp is a project which helps children and adolescents in low income families realize their dreams.

    In 2015, the project assisted 100 high school students selected by their principals to obtain certificates or training related to their chosen careers or increasing employment opportunities in general. It supported 408 youths with career experience activities, specialty & aptitude guidance, and activities increasing interests for their own communities.

  • Change Maker of Our Village
    Change Maker of Our Village
    “The Change Maker of Our Village” is a joint project between the Work Together Foundation and Boeing Korea to vitalize communities by encouraging residents to revive their local community values and culture.
    In 2015, four projects were selected that allowed community residents, including vulnerable children, to interact with local artists and activists through cultural art programs and to participate in dance, music, performances and movies and to experience the value of the community through these activities.
  • Mania Giving Circle
    Mania Giving Circle
    Mania Giving Circle, made up mainly of members of the fan club for the musician, Seo Tai-ji, made an agreement with WT in November 2009 to carry out a project known as ”Jip Baag-e-seo Yoo Yoo Ja Juk (Hanging Loose Outside)” to help “Zero Gravity Youth” for 5 years with formation of social relationships.

    The project assisted more than 60 “zero gravity youth” with building relationships with society and, once the project ended, WT published a memoir of the “Jip Baag-e-seo Yoo Yoo Ja Juk” project titled and distributed it to youth support organizations around the country, such as ‘Support Center for Youth Outside of School’, community child centers and support centers for youth independence to glean ideas for their own projects.

    * Zero gravity youth refers to youth who are not active in their communities
    ** Yoo-ja is a citrus fruit people make as tea in Korea.

  • Support Campaign for Independence of Unwed Mothers, “I’m a Mother”
    Support Campaign for Independence of Unwed Mothers, “I’m a Mother”
    ‘I’m a Mother’ is the support campaign for independence of unwed mothers with Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network, Memory Plant, Merry Campaign, and the Community Chest of Korea (Seoul branch) to decrease the blind spots in support for unwed mothers and the reality of discrimination.

    Online and offline campaigns to improve social relations for such mothers include production of animation, art books and plays, encouraging people to sign a social pact to prevent discrimination against the families of unwed parents, and development of an activity to experience the discrimination that an unwed mother faces.

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