Policy Research Institute

2008년에서 현재까지의 주요 활동 장면


  • CHOI Jong-Tae
    Professor Emeritus of the Business School at Seoul National University, Former Chairman of the Economic & Social Development Commission of Korea


  • KANG Hee-Won
    Professor of Law, College of Law at Kyunghee University
  • KIL Hyun-Jong
    Researcher at the Korea Labor Institute
  • KIM Kang-Sik
    Professor of Management, Korea Aerospace University
  • LYU Yeong-Jae
    CEO of Sustinvest Corporation
  • PARK Young-Sam
    Former Member in the Planning Department of the Economic & Social Development Commission
  • SHIM Sang-Dal
    Representative of SHC Lab / Senior Researcher at KDI
  • YANG Yong-Hee
    Professor of Social Welfare, Hoseo University
  • LEE Kang-Sung
    Professor of Management, Sahmyook University
  • CHANG Jong-Ik
    Professor, College of Global Cooperation at Hanshin University
  • JANG Hong-Geun
    Head of Labor Relations Policy Research Division at the Korea Labor Institute
  • CHO Young-Bohk
    Dean of the School of Management, Pusan University / President of RISE (Research Institute for Social Enterprise)

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