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Tohe creates a free playground for Vietnamese disadvantaged children, bringing them opportunities to experience arts and creativity. It supports disadvantaged children to discover and improve their hidden creative ability, demonstrate to them that creative work can be a potential career for those who are talented. Tohe creates unique products using children’s artworks, distribute in the market to get sustainable income for the children and importantly, showcase the value of kids’ art and creativity to the community.
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Goel Community

By empowering the lives of producers and artisans’ families, Goel Community has played a major role in the transformation of lives of the marginalized producers and their children from the rural areas which are well known as the hub of traditional textiles of Cambodia.
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Promise Myanmar

The Promise Myanmar and Ah Phyu Yaung Foundation made Partnership for establishing social enterprise APYSD (Ah Phyu Yaung Social Development). By support them to sell thin reed mats and crafts, we create stable jobs and income for households in rural areas which are facing poverty caused by geographical, and climatic factors.
Location: Pantanaw, Myanmar

Skill Building & Livelihood Resource Center for Empowering Dalit Community

Run by Human Resource Development Foundation, Skill Building & Livelihood Resource Center for Empowering Dalit Community is mainly focusing on advocacy of Dalit community for their all-round development. The center strengthens the income generation of Dalit women who should earn for their families. Our supports enhance operating the Skill Building & Livelihood Resource Center to seek for its own financial sustainability.
Location: Kanchipuram district, India


Inspired by Indonesia’s food biodiversity, indigenous wisdom and spiritualism, JAVARA supports rural entrepreneurship in Flores Island, one of the lowest-income regions in Indonesia. JAVARA provides new job opportunities and income for local food artisans and farm laborers’ family with young motivated leadership and offline platform to work.
Location: Flores Island, Indonesia


Jerrybag is a brand inspired by the jerrycan, a plastic container for transporting and storing drinking water. Jerrybag is designed to raise awareness of the water crisis while it strives to support diverse practical projects that provide relief to vulnerable children.
Location: Lweza, Uganda

Good Hands Nepal

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Good Hands Nepal provides dressmaking classes for women from low-income families, and helps them find work either as seamstresses for the Good Hands social enterprise or as entrepreneurs in their own right. The program also provides childcare and services for working women and their children at its daycare center.
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal


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Tripti provides training and employment, as well as assistance with entrepreneurial efforts, aimed at youth from low-income families who suffered from the recent earthquake in Nepal. Classes on offer include ones on growing coffee plants, barista art, baking, and weaving.
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Friends ’n’ Stuff

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Established by Friends-International as a program to support home-based production and handicraft manufacturing among low-income Cambodian families with children, Friends ’n’ Stuff runs retail outlets where local producers can sell their goods, and assists low-income families with training, production, and sales of hand-made products.
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sapa O’Chau

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Sapa O’Chau is a travel agency that helps to improve quality of life for ethnic minority families in the Sapa region. STP support helps with running the travel agency, a café, and the Sapa O’Chau Training Center.
Location: Sapa, Vietnam


HoshiZora Tour & Travel

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The HoshiZora Foundation aspires to educate and improve the living conditions of children in poor neighborhoods through its social enterprise travel agency as well as scholarships and financial assistance.
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Oasis of Life Center

The Oasis of Life Center strives to create jobs and improve the living conditions for local farmers through assistance with production and sales of goat milk.
Location: Quezon City, the Philippines

Timorgator Cookie

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Global Civic Sharing encourages local communities to set up neighborhood enterprises to bake and sell cookies, and provides nutrition education and meals for 1,000 children living in poverty.
Location: Lautem District, East Timor


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Wakami by Grupo Saqil provides jobs, through hand-made accessories, for over 500 mothers living at isolated locations. It seeks to develop communities with diverse projects and holistic methods. With STP, Wakami supports the manufacture and sale of fashion accessories by improving the channels of supply and distribution and developing a certification procedure for such products.
Location: seven regions in Guatemala

Eldany Hand Made Café

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The Eldany Charitable Foundation supports over 6,000 people with disabilities through occupational training. At the Café, it sells organic food and provides art classes for all, while providing on-the-job training for youth with disabilities.
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Spouts of Water

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This venture provides ceramic water purification filters for two dozen schools, allowing over 10,000 local children and teens to study in a more sanitary environment without the worry of waterborne diseases. The program also enhances access to clean drinking water through sales of purification filters, with a variety of affordable payment methods offered to the local population.
Location: Katale, Uganda

Happy Farm

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Happy Farm brings homeless families into a farming community and assists their children in receiving the education they need through assistance to the heads of each household in the form of chicken farming for income. Happy Farm also plans to support a project to report the births of the children of the Aeta people.
Location: Pampanga, the Philippines

Igting Organic Farm

Run by CAMP Asia Inc., Igting Organic Farm is a social enterprise for organic chicken farming. The farm provides employment for people forcibly evicted from their residences in urban areas, and also provides nutritionally-balanced meals for local children living in poverty.
Location: Bulacan, the Philippines

CAMP Sewing Center

TCAMP Sewing Center strives to alleviate poverty among the urban poor and single-parent families in Towerville, Bulacan, who were relocated from Metro Manila from Metro Manila, and also provides meals for undernourished children and childcare.
Location : Towerville, the Philippines

Craft Peace Café

  • lotus hope & beauty center

Run directly by JSC Banteay Prieb, the Craft Peace Café in Cambodia supports producers with disabilities and their families towards economic self-sufficiency. The Café also provides wheelchairs and housing assistance for disabled children and youth.
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Café ZumSun

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Café ZumSun is part of the Phoudindaeng Youth Center, which supports youth leadership in Laos. The Center works to improve the living standards and education for children and youth living in poor rural areas.
Location: Vang Vieng, Laos

Lotus Hope & Beauty Center

  • lotus hope & beauty center

Lotus Hope & Beauty Center supports children and youth in Cambodia from poor families towards independence through beauty care training for youth and living assistance, and connecting them to donors and volunteers from one of the well-known beauty salons in Korea, Lee Chul Hair Ker Ker.
Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

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