Smile Together Partnership

Eradicating Child Poverty in the Developing countries

Just as Work Together Foundation carried out domestic project with the mission of relieving social polarization by creating jobs, the Smile Together Partnership project also makes creating quality jobs (SDGs 8) as its goal and supporting social enterprises in developing countries to resolve the fundamental issue of child poverty by creating sustainable jobs for their caregivers.

Solve the fundamental problem of child poverty through providing community-based projects in developing countries, to increase sustainable jobs in local communities to ensure stable livelihoods of caregivers.

We work with partners by asking ourselves; the kind of changes that we can make; each party’s role in the program; and whether we can form a positive partnership. We ask ourselves what the ideal success model is and sort out the key indicator.
Target Applicants
Social Economy Organizations in developing countries that seek to eradicate child poverty and other related social issues through social business.※ Social enterprise, social venture, intermediary organization, NGO, NPO, corporation, and other social economy organization, etc.
Support Period
1 year (can be extended to 3 years maximum depending on performance)
  • Financial Support

    Ideal Stage

    up to USD 10,000

    Growth Stage

    up to USD 20,000

    Intermediary Organizations

    up to USD 50,000

  • Non-financial Support

    Consulting to enhance the social impact

    connect the resources including marketing, branding and management to creating the social impact and financial autonomy

    Opportunities to enlarge networks

    connect with global social economy sectors networks such as inviting to international forums and investment showcases

Eligibility Criteria(Key questions when
selecting STP partners)
  • Combating child poverty

    Does the enterprise/organization contribute to alleviating the fund amental problems behind child poverty?

  • Regional development

    Is the enterprise/organization embedded in the local community and does it work with local people?

  • Sustainability

    Does the enterprise/organization run on a sustainable business model that does no harm to local culture, society, or the environment?

  • Fostering Youth Leader

    Does the enterprise/organization support the development of leadership in local youth to lead enterprise/organization projects in the future?

Alumni's Track
  • We and the STP alumni network continue to help for the life of their institutions, and beyond.

  • This track provides additional support funds (up to USD 5,000) for the sustainability and effectiveness of the existing business related to the mission of WT Foundation once a year.

  • We are accepting applications from the social economy organization 365 days a year.
    e.g. Emergency funding to overcome global crisis against COVID-19, Seed funding for business development