Social Enterprise World Forum

Expanding global social economy network

What Is the Social Enterprise World Forum?

Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) was established in 2008, seeking means to advance the social enterprise movement and to lead global social economy organization networks. SEWF provides a platform for learning, sharing of successful cases, and building a movement with social enterprise practitioners, support agencies, investors, public, private, and government representatives.

SEWF has held annual events on every continent, it brings social actors, investors, government and academic leaders together to address complex challenges surrounding world’s social economy ecosystem. The events are designed to build capacity, provide tangible skills, promote knowledge exchange, and foster critical social capital through networking and personal contact. And SEWF engage with policymakers to influence policy agendas and advocate for social enterprises. Such engagements allow SEWF to elevate voices often excluded from policy discussions while strengthening the social enterprise movement.

Relationship with WT Foundation

Work Together Foundation (WT Foundation) first participated in the events of SEWF in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2011. Afterward, the Foundation joined the SEWF Organizing Committee in 2012 and made efforts to host the 2014 forum.

As a result, Korea became the hosting country for the SEWF 2014, and WT Foundation was selected as the forum organizer. In this process, WT Foundation's board member, KIM Jae-Gu, who is also an active member of the organizing committee in SEWF chaired the forum, held under the theme of 'Social Change through Social Enterprise.' At the time, 1,100 domestic and global social innovation organizations and workers participated.

Past Events

Year Venue Agenda Organizer
2020 Online
Impact of COVID-19 on Social Enterprises and Communities Social Enterprise World Forum
2019 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Local Traditions - Fresh Perspectives THE BRITISH COUNCIL
2018 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Inspiring a new decade of impact Community Enterprise in Scotland
2017 Christchurch, New Zealand Creating our tomorrow THE ĀKINA FOUNDATION
2016 Hong Kong,China New Frontiers, New Markets Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Ltd
2015 Milan, Italy Growing a new economy ACRA Foundation
2014 Seoul, Republic of Korea Social Change through Social Enterprise Work Together Foundation
2013 Calgary, Canada Leveraging markets and innovations to solve social problems The Trico Foundation
2012 Rio de janiero, Brazil The growing field of impact investing focussing on attracting new investment capital for social enterprise NESsT
2011 Johannesburg, South Africa Social enterprise as a catalyst for sustainable development UNIVERSITY OF JOHANNESBURG
2010 San francisco, United States Realizing the Potential of Social Enterprise Social Enterprise Alliance
2009 Melbourne, Australia Taking the next steps now Social Ventures Australia
2008 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Raise awareness of social enterprise as an expanding global mechanism for social change CEIS